CAPI for fax server

What’s CAPI and what it is used for?

According to the website, “COMMON-ISDN-API (CAPI) is an application programming interface standard used to access ISDN equipment connected to basic rate interfaces (BRI) and primary rate interfaces (PRI).” I personally did not understand the definition the first time I read it. Let’s try to understand. CAPI was developed in the 1990s when ISDN was the…

Soft Migration to VoIP

How to do a Soft Migration to VoIP

If a company is faced with the decision to renew its PBX-infrastructure, from today’s perspective a VoIP system is the first choice. VoIP systems offer many advantages such as lower maintenance costs, higher compatibility between different manufacturers and a higher functional range; which improves communication efficiency. At larger companies with more than 100 devices this…