beroNet partners with USA-VoIP to bring Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways to North and South America

BERLIN– beroNet GmbH, a German manufacturer of cloud-managed VoIP hardware, partnered with Florida distributor USA-VoIP to bring next generation VoIP Gateways to both North and South America. USA-VoIP is beroNet’s first distribution partner serving the USA and LATAM markets. Both beroNet and USA-VoIP focus on providing modern VoIP technology for the cloud age. Each product…


Unified Communications – unification of communication and information

Traditional business communication included a telephone, a fax machine and an email address. Now businesses use a larger number of tools – each designed to increase productivity. These tools include: unified messaging, office telephones, business cell phones, voice mail, instant messaging, video conferencing… the list goes on. If a business were to use each of these tools, the result would be a fragmented attempt at communication.

CAPI for fax server

What’s CAPI and what it is used for?

According to the website, “COMMON-ISDN-API (CAPI) is an application programming interface standard used to access ISDN equipment connected to basic rate interfaces (BRI) and primary rate interfaces (PRI).” I personally did not understand the definition the first time I read it. Let’s try to understand. CAPI was developed in the 1990s when ISDN was the…