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beroNet OS

Each beroNet VoIP Gateway comes with the following features

5 Minute Installation

Save time in dialplan configuration and port grouping by using an automatic configuration wizard.

Compatible with any PBX system

Use your VoIP Gateway with any PBX or IP-PBX system.

Easy to configure

Use a responsive Web GUI to easily configure your VoIP Gateway.

Managed and monitored using the cloud

With the beroCloud you have complete control of your beroNet VoIP Gateway.

Provider Templates for Supported SIP Providers

Upload supported provider templates to the Web GUI to simplify your SIP account configurations.

Enhance your Gateway with Apps

Expand the functionality of your VoIP Gateway by installing apps. Apps include beroNet’s Survival Branch Appliance, OpenVPN and Asterisk.

SBC Functionality with SIP-to-SIP

Bridge two different IP-PBX systems and create SIP failover systems using the built-in SIP-to-SIP. Use the extra NIC port for SBC functionality.

Easy provisioning with XML

Directly provision beroNet Gateway devices using XML.

Need a feature that you don’t see? Contact us directly by writing an email to If we don’t have it, we can build it or introduce you to our API.