Extended Warranty
All our products come with a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty. With our “ExtendeddWarranty” service you can extend this manufaturer warranty with additional 3 years. The fee for the “Extended Warranty” service depends on the MSRP price of the desired product:

  • MSRP <    700,00 EUR (excl. tax)    69,00 EUR
  • MSRP < 1.200,00 EUR (excl. tax)  119,00 EUR
  • MSRP > 1.200,00 EUR (excl. tax)  159,00 EUR

Simply select the appropriate option when ordering your product.

Return Policy

Our Return Policy applies to all complaints and malfunctions with beroNet products. All beroNet products are covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty with an optional additional 3 years extended warrantee.  In general, all defective products must always be sent to beroNet GmbH before, an advanced replacement is not possible.

RMA & Return Process
Please read the following points carefully to assure quick Processing.
Our RMA Procedure follows these easy steps:

Step 1: Contact beroNet Technical Support for troubleshooting and approval. Fill in the support form found here.

Step 2: After the submission of the support form a beroNet technician will approve the product informations and verify warranty status. Once the beroNet technician confirms that the hardware is defective and in case of a valid warranty status, an RMA number will be assigned authorizing the customer to return the defective hardware to beroNet.

Please note: Unauthorized returns will not be accepted by beroNet GmbH and accordingly not processed!

Step 3: After we received the returned product, it is checked by our technicians and you will get a functional device in the mail.

Please notice that in case of unwarranted objections like unascertainable errors or errors in using, beroNet will charge 49,00EUR plus delivery costs for error detection and examination.