Resellers and Integrators

Resellers and integrators can purchase beroNet products from one of our distribution partners. Our distributors can also provide advice on which gateway you need for your installation, and give some configuration assistance.


If you need a beroNet device for your office or business, one of our certified partners can provide you with advice and help you with the installation.


OEM Branding beroNet

Brand a beroNet Device

It is possible to “brand” our appliance and/or our gateways for customers.


  • Branding is limited to the front and back panel; in either metallic or black. Additional options may be available on request.
  • Logo printing is limited to two colors.
  • MOQ for custom Gateways is 100 pieces; MOQ for custom Appliances is 50 pieces. Custom panels and materials must be paid for in advance.

Please contact us directly for additional information.

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