Karsten Wemheuer, CEO of IPTAM:
“Following our recent technology partnership, we recommend beroNet VoIP gateweay cards, due to their design, competitive price and strong scalability. These cards are very easy to install, function perfectly and guarantee our customers even more stabile Fax transmissions and optimal audio quality thanks to echo supression.”


Stephan Wolff, CEO of Pixabit: “Before using beroFix we used to implement Asterisk based solutions with passive cards. Now we’re able to handle much more and bigger clients because the setup time reduced a lot. We have now more employees that are able to maintain and support our solutions and therefore we were able to…



Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX:
“beronet is an important partner of 3CX. Their engineering excellence has been proven in many joint deployments where 3CX and beroNet were able to deliver a cutting edge and reliable PBX solution for customers worldwide.”