Support de fixation 19” pour deux boîtiers de gateway beroNet sur 1U. (BF19BracketDBL)

Accessoire pour racker deux passerelles l’une à côté de l’autre dans une armoire rack 19″.

Éclateur beroNet – prise Y (BFTAEAdapter)

The RJ45 to TAE cable connects RJ45 (male) to TAE (female). It can be used with all beroNet VoIP Gateways with analog modules (especially for Germany.

Câble RJ45 / RJ11 (BFFXXCable)

The RJ45 zu RJ11 cable allows the utilisation of all analog Modules used in the beroNet Gateways.

Antenne GSM avec câble de 3m (BFANTL)

The GSM antenna with magnetic foot (27cm long) has been developed for beroNet VoIP Gateways and the BF2GSM Module. It comes with a 3m long cable and empowers a frictionless GSM reception.

Bridge (BFBridge)

The beroNet Bridge (BFBridge) is used to access all 4 PSTN Ports (i.e. from a bf4S0,bf4FXS,bf4FXO or bf2S02FXS) over the external 4 RJ45 Ports of the berofix Baseboard. By default only 2 RJ45 are assigned for one Module, which makes the use of the BFTAdapters necessary. By using the Bridge no T-Adapter is necessary.

19″ Rack Bracket (BF19Bracket)

The 19” brackets made from high quality aluminum have been created specifically for beroNet VoIP Gateways. They assure the easy and safe mounting into server cabinets.

pdf-icon Assembly Guide


19″ bracket for 2 beroNet Gateways on 1U for the installation in server racks. The package contains: 2 parts for the outside as well as one middle piece for the connection of the 2 Gateways.

E1 Cross-Over Cable (BFE1Cross)

The beroNet E1 Cross-Over Cable (BFE1Cross) is a about 1.8m E1/T1 “cross-over” cable. The Cable uses the 1,2,4,5 Pinout. It is very useful in every E1/T1 interconnect scenario.

Small GSM Antenna (BFANTS)

Small 11 cm GSM antenna (BFANTS) for beroNet BF2GSM Modules. It allows the reception of a GSM signal.

The beroNet T-Adapter (BFTAdapter)

The beroNet T-Adapter devides the external RJ45 Ports of the berofix Baseboard into 2 RJ45 Ports indicated by “A” and “B”. In order to use a berofix with 8 BRI Ports you need 4 beroNet T-Adapters to access all 8 BRI Ports.