beroNet CAPI - Virtualized CAPI
beroNet-SBA -- Survival Branch Appliance App

beroNet CAPI (beroCAPI)

beroNet CAPI is a simple and powerful Software Solution, which enables you to connect your beroNet VoIP Gateways and PCI(e) cards with the existing CAPI applications.

With the help of the beroNet CAPI you can virtualize your applications in order to decouple them from ISDN connections.

beroNet CAPI
beroNet CAPI
beroNet SBA App - for beroNet VoIP Gateways

beroNet “Survival Branch Appliance” App (SBA)

When an office loses connection with an off-site telephone system, local telephones are unable to communicate with each other or the outside world.

beroNet’s SBA-App transforms a beroNet VoIP Gateway or Card into a Survival Branch Appliance, enabling the beroNet device to function as a local backup telephone system.