Adaptable to fit your specific requirements

Some projects require modifications to beroNet OS. These often include special parameters to connect non-standard devices with a SIP device or trunk. beroNet provides a development service that ensures that our Gateway technologies are compatible with your non-standard telecommunication technologies.

Customization Options

  • SIP Stack Modification:
    • Standard SIP Header Modification
    • Specialized SIP X-Headers
    • Custom SIP Message Flow
    • Custom SIP Messages
  • ISDN Stack Modification:
    • customized D-Channel Protocols (Layer 3 / Q.931 / QSIG )
    • Customized Facility Information Elements
    • Customized Facility Messages
    • Customized Q.931 Message Flow
    • customized B-Channel Protocols
    • HDLC on B-Channel
    • G.722 on B-Channel
  • Analog Stack Modification
    • Toneset customization
    • Loop Current / Voltage customization
    • customized MF-tone based protocols
  • GSM / LTE Stack modification
    • customized Module commands
    • customized SMS behaviour
  • Dialplan Modification
    • Customized Call-Routing
  • Status and Statistics
  • Customized Hardware
    • customized manufacturing of Telephony Modules
    • customized Network Modules

How to get a price quote

Please complete the form below and provide as much detail as possible. We will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements.