How to connect two distant sites via VoIP

VoIP systems and internet connectivity provide a unique opportunity for companies with multiple locations to communicate inexpensively around the world. With the proper technology, it is possible to connect two different telecommunication systems with VoIP; enabling free communication between the two systems. To do this, both systems must be compatible with VoIP. Luckily for owners…

Manage VoIP in Cloud

How to register your beroNet Appliance 2.0 in the Cloud

With the beroNet Appliance 2.0, VoIP integrators can install a complete cloud managed communication solution on a single server. The Appliance comes with the beroNet Hypervisor, enabling integrators to virtualise different systems on a single server. For example, with the beroNet Hypervisor an integrator can install a router (pfSense, m0n0wall, mikrotik) and an IPBX (3CX, Asterisk, Mobydick, etc) in…


beroNet Appliance 2.0 Wins First in Telecommunication Innovation

HANNOVER GERMANY – beroNet’s Telephony Appliance 2.0 receives first prize for Innovation in Telecommunication from Initiative Mittelstand, recognizing beroNet’s attention to innovation in VoIP hardware. “In 2011 we focused on providing easy to configure cloud managed VoIP hardware,” said Christian Richter, CEO at beroNet. “With the industry now joining us in the cloud, we decided…