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beroNet CAPI (BNCAPI_SOHO, BNCAPI_Business, BNCAPI_extraChannel) is a simple and powerful Software Solution, which enables you to connect your beroNet VoIP Gateways and PCI(e) cards with the existing CAPI applications.

With the help of the beroNet CAPI you will be finally be able to virtualize your applications in order to decouple them from ISDN connections.

Including Applications for:

  • Unified Messaging Solutions (UMS)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Fax servers

Licensing Options:

  • BNCAPI_SOHO: beroNet CAPI software license for 2 channels only – not upgradable and only for use with beroNet Gateways
    • Please provide us with the serial number of VoIP Gateway you will connect with the CAPI
  • BNCAPI_Business: beroNet CAPI software license for 2 channels – upgradeable
    • Please provide us with the MAC address of the server the CAPI will be installed on
  • BNCAPI_extraChannel: beroNet CAPI software license for an extra channel (requires the BNCAPI_Business)

Compatible with:

» Connects SIP with ISDN
» Fast and easy virtualisation of Fax Servers
» Capi is connected via LAN with the Gateway
» Windows Faxservices can be used as Faxserver
» Capi is usable with ISDN as well as with analog Technologyg

beroNet CAPI is a standalone software product installed on your system, which provides a CAPI Interface and maintains a LAN connection to the beroNet device, using the standard ‘Voice over IP’ protocol stack SIP.

Using beroNet CAPI gives you the freedom to use the advanced beroNet Gateways instead of using proprietary ISDN Hardware. beroNet CAPI opens a way for you to use your existing CAPI application, lower operation and maintenance costs, and have all the advancements of a Virtual Environment.

Based on the beroNet CAPI the additional “Fax Services Connector” (FSC) is available. The FSC enables sending and receiving of faxes in a Windows environment using the Microsoft Fax Services, simply by printing out documents to the Windows “Fax Printer” (therefore please download the CAPI Software. During the installation process, you have to activate the checkbox for the Fax Server Connector). We provide two FSC editions, one for workstations and one server edition.

beroNet CAPI and the beroNet CAPI FSC will be available as a software download and are licensed per channel (between 2-60 channels ) and per beroNet  device.

» CAPI V.5
» Call control: SIP / RTP (standalone unicast)
» Call Deflection
» Caller, called, connected, redirection ID’s and names
» Calling line idendification restriction
» Overlap Signalling
» User-User Signalling
» DTMF: Inband (RTP-NTE rfc2833), Outband (SIP-INFO)
» Audio: G.711 (A-Law, u-Law) , G.729 (optional feature licensed separately)

  • We are satisfied with your product. It is easy to configure and excellent workmanship.

    Giacomo Bartolotta
    Technical Support at Xdevel DI GUGLIOTTA MAURIZIO
  • The gateway provided us a great value for our money. Furthermore, the flexibility of this European firm allowed us to quickly get applications especially developed for our particular needs.

    Nicolas Nguyen
    Director of Development Infrastructure Orange France
  • Support was fast and ready to help! I’ll happily use it again!

  • beroNet is an important partner of 3CX. Their engineering excellence has been proven in many joint deployments where 3CX and beroNet were able to deliver a cutting edge and reliable PBX solution for customers worldwide.

    Nick Galea
    CEO of 3CX
  • As part of VoIP2day’s Best Product Jury, I gave very high marks to beroNet’s New Appliance BNTA 20. It’s a beautifully engineered and solid product, which simplifies the complexity of TDM cards and their drivers by offering an ethernet interface. This greatly helps the logical separation of equipment in a VoIP deployment: there is a PBX, and there is a gateway to the PSTN, even if they are physically on the same box. Furthermore, this product enables users of operating systems for which there are no TDM card drivers available to forget about the problem. The design is certainly the result of many years of industry experience and problem analysis.

    Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
    VoIP2Day 2015 Judge and SIP Guru
  • Not only the ease of installation and maintenance of beroNet Gateways but especially the high quality of support and services offered by them have convinced us to use beroNet Gateways in the future for all our telecom projects.

    Thomas Börnert
    CEO of GmbH
  • The flexible, modular and expandable product range allows us to find solutions to outstanding installations that would otherwise only be achieved with disproportionate overhead.

    Christian Holländer
    Responsible for the Server Architecture, Finance and strategy
  • We needed a reliable, flexible and powerful Appliance for our solutions. The beroNet hardware was the only one to fully meet our requirements.

    Federico Rossi
    Chief Sales Officer NetResults S.r.l – Kalliope PBX
  • Following our recent technology partnership, we recommend beroNet VoIP gateway cards, due to their design, competitive price and strong scalability. These cards are very easy to install, function perfectly and guarantee our customers even more stable Fax transmissions and optimal audio quality thanks to echo suppression.

    Karsten Wemheuer
    CEO of IPTAM
  • We tested the beroNet Gateway as a solution with the Swyx PBX (SwixWare 2011). With the help of beroNet support most teething problems could be eliminated quickly and as adjusted for the firmware beroNet the beroNet Gateway is now running smoothly with SwyxWare 2011th.

    Stephan Schmidt
    CEO of EDV-Service Schmidt GmbH
  • beroNet products are especially inspiring due to their wide range of capabilities. Now we can use the same products for our appliances and servers as for our virtual solutions. This saves us building knowhow for a number of different products, casually simplify our warehousing and all for a great cost/performance ratio.

    Mathias Pasquay
    CEO pascom Netzwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG
  • No other Gateway is integrated faster and easier. Even the fax device worked without problems despite the interposition of a VPN.

    Niels Hansen
    Systemtechniker at Dierck Kommunikationstechnik Handels GmbH
  • Since its launch, our customers have come to rely on the beroNet Appliance’s reliability and the flexibility provided by its unique modular design when implementing our pascom software based IP phone system. With it’s increased performance and the clever integration of the beroNet Hypervisor, the beroNet Appliance 2.0 has set a course for success.

    Mathias Pasquay
    CEO pascom GmbH & Co. KG
  • beroNet gateway proved itself as a robust, carrier grade system from day one, handling up to 5000 calls per day (internal, incoming and outgoing) while the unbeatable price of the the beroNet Failover solution was the closing argument.

    Ercan Yapalak
    Zehnder GmbH IT Department