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PCIe VoIP Card

VoIP Gateway in the form factor PCI Express

The beroNet PCIe VoIP cards are full-fledged VoIP Gateway Media Gateways in the form factor PCI Express. They are modular and can be equipped with up to two modules. Digital ISDN (BRI / PRI), analog (FXS / FXO) and GSM modules are available for beroNet’s modular technologies. An optional PCM-Bus connection between two Gateways or beroNet VoIP cards ensures real hardware bridging for transparent audio transmission of sensitive voice, video, data and Fax services. The beroNet PCI(e) VoIP cards are ideal for PBX manufacturers, Telephony Appliances, Fax appliances, Unified Communication Appliances, and hybrid systems.

Description Model
PCIe VoIP Card with 4-16 concurrent channels BF400e
PCIe VoIP Card with 16-64 concurrent channels BF1600e

Modular design allows beroNet VoIP Cards to meet any need

beroNet PCIe VoIP Cards’ modular design allows this device to meet any unique need. Modular VoIP technology increases adaptability and flexibility by allowing you to change the modules instead of the entire device if it is needed for a different VoIP installation.

PCIe VoIP Card Modules
PCIe VoIP Card


» Interface for the card is SIP
» Compatible with any PBX
» Technology independent
» Large interface variety: VoIP, GSM, ISDN and/or Analog
» Tough, no moving parts
» Hybrid: up to 2 Modules on one card
» Cloud managed
» No drivers or API needed: System detects card as Realtek Network Card
» Expandable with a supplementary beroNet VoIP Card

Technical Specifications

» Codecs: G.723.1 and Annex A, G.729 a/b, G.726 (up to 32 channels), G.711 u/a (up to 128 channels)
» G.168/G.165 echo cancellation with echo path change detection, up to 128ms
» Voice activity detection / comfort noise generation
» DTMF digit detection and generation
» T.38 Fax Relais (V.27, V.29 and V.17)
» SIP User Agent IETF RFC3261 conform
» SIP via UDP/TCP with optional TSL support
» TDM bridging over 2 berofix devices through PCM bus interconnection, 8.192 kB/s
» PCI 2.2 conform 3,3V (Realtek 8139CL Chipsatz), 5V Slot compatible, min. 3,3V
» PCI express 1.1 compliant (chipset Realtek 8111C)
» Compliance: CE (EN55022, EN55024, EN60950)

Standard Configurations


Description Max Concurrent Channels Additional Module Slots Available Model
2 BRI/S0 and 2 FXS PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF4002S02FXSe
4 BRI/S0 PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF4004S0e
1 PRI E1 PCIe VoIP Card 64 1 BF16001E1e
1 PRI E1/T1 PCIe VoIP Card 64 1 BF16001T1E1e


Description Max Concurrent Channels Additional Module Slots Available Model
4 FXO PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF4004FXOe
4 FXS PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF400FXSe


Description Max Concurrent Channels Additional Module Slots Available Model
2 GSM PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF4002GSMe
4 GSM PCIe VoIP Card 16 1 BF4004GSMe

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