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SIP-to-SIP (Session Border Controller)

Innovative technology powered by beroNet OS

Transform your VoIP Gateway into a Session Border Controller (SBC)

Teach your VoIP Gateway new tricks by unlocking the SIP-to-SIP session border controller functionality of beroNet OS. With SIP-to-SIP you can connect multiple SIP devices and take advantage of the dialplan to create advanced least cost. With your SIP connections in the beroNet Gateway you can receive outage notifications and manage or modify your connections direct in the beroNet Cloud.

Find more technical information on the beroNet documentation.


  • Connect incompatible SIP devices
  • Use regular expressions in the beroNet Gateway to ensure that
  • each device receives SIP information in the format it expects
  • Simplify advanced PBX configurations
  • Add your SIP Trunks to the beroNet Gateway to manage all failover
    and least-cost-routing configurations directly in the Gateway. If you
    use the same configuration often, simply backup the device and
    deploy the configuration to the next one keeping your optimizations
    PBX independent.
  • Use the VoIP Gateway to take advantage of Secure SIP and SRTP;
    even if your IP-PBX doesn’t support it.

Technical Specifications

Article name Description Gateway needed
BN2SIP2 No license needed for two SIP2SIP calls SBL, BF400box or more
BN2SIP4 License for four SIP2SIP calls SBL, BF400box or more
BN2SIP8 License for eight SIP2SIP calls SBL, BF400box or more
BN2SIP16 License for 16 SIP2SIP calls BF1600box or more
BN2SIP32 License for 32 SIP2SIP calls BF1600box or more
BN2SIP64 License for 64 SIP2SIP calls BF6400box

How to get a Price Quote

If you are ordering a new beroNet Gateway, please attach your SIP-to-SIP License with your order.

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