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The beroNet ISDN Gateways are modular, flexible and can be adapted to many different customer needs. Ideal for SIP trunking, ALL IP, VoIP Migration and PSTN connections without loss of quality.

beroNet 1 BRI Gateway

With 1 BRI Port – Ideal for PSTN Connections.

beroNet 2 BRI Gateway

With 2 BRI Ports – ideal for SME.

beroNet 4 BRI Gateway

With 4 BRI Ports – Ideal for PSTN Connections.

beroNet Hybrid Gateway

With 2 BRI / 2 FXS Ports – for PSTN Connections.

beroNet 1 PRI Gateway

With 1 PRI Port – ideal for SIP-Trunks and ALL IP.

beroNet 2 PRI Gateway

With 2 PRI Ports – ideal for VoIP Migrations.