German manufacturer of VoIP Technologies since 2002

beroNet is a German company founded in 2002 by three engineers with many years of experience in VoIP Access Technologies. The products and technologies developed by beroNet are suitable for enterprise and service provider markets and enable reliable and efficient VoIP, ISDN, Analog & GSM connectivity technologies. All products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

beroNet is emerging as the leading designer and manufacturer for low density, high density PSTN & GSM VoIP Access Technologies through VoIP Gateways and PCI(e) Cards. All beroNet products are highly compatible with common PBX providers. A growing number of PBX, OpenSource, Call Center and IVR integrators as well as PBX equipment manufacturers and operators trust the high quality and reliability of beroNet.

beroNet is dedicated to advanced VoIP telephony solutions. We work towards the development of technologies that combine the best of the Internet with the best of the existing fixed and wireless telephony infrastructure. Our goal is to develop high quality VoIP Access Technologies that make it easier for people and businesses everywhere and anywhere to communicate.

beroNet Leadership

Christian Richter

CEO and Co-Founder of beroNet GmbH

Since 2000 Christian – who originally studied Physics – has been designing software for telecommunication solutions. Reaching from ISDN to SIP he has strong knowledge and extensive experience in telecommunications protocols, which allows him to always come up with new ideas and communicate creatively with our customers.

Thomas Häger

Co-Founder of beroNet GmbH

He started working in IT-companies such as GE-Compunet while studying Environmental- and Process Engineering. After his studies he acquired a permanent position as a carreer changer at HiSolutions GmbH, where he worked as a Software developer. In 2000 he started at Onsoft, where he first encountered telecommunications and ISDN. Between 2005 and 2012 Thomas was CEO of beroNet GmbH.

Gürsel Küçük

Co-Founder of beroNet GmbH

After studying Environmental- and Process Engineering he proceeded to work for the Swedish company Energy Opticon. In 2000 he changed to Onsoft GmbH and had his first professional encounter with telecommunications and ISDN. Since then he has been developing software solutions for the Telecom branch and is responsible for the successful distribution of beroNet products.