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VoIP Gateways powered by beroNet OS

beroNet OS provides beroNet VoIP Gateway technology with an intuitive interface that is easy to use allowing the entire VoIP Gateway to be managed using a Web browser. Using beroNet OS you can connect your VoIP Gateways with the beroNet Cloud, allowing you to monitor and manage them from any device connected to the internet.

beroNet OS
beroNet Small Business Line VoIP Gateway

Keep connected with the Small Business Line

beroNet Small Business Line Gateways give small businesses a non-modular budget solution that keeps them calling. Powered by beroNet OS the Small Business Line devices have most of the operating system features of beroNet’s Modular VoIP Gateways, without the modularity.

Description Model
1 BRI/S0 Small Business Line Gateway BFSB1S0
2 BRI/S0 Small Business Line Gateway BFSB2S0
2 BRI/S0 and 2 FXS Small Business Line Gateway BFSB2HY
2 BRI/S0 and 2 FXO Small Business Line Gateway BFSB2S02XO
4 FXO Small Business Line Gateway BFSB4XO
4 FXO / 4 FXS  Small Business Line Gateway BFSB4XO4XS
4 FXS Small Business Line Gateway BFSB4XS



Modular VoIP Gateways that fit any need

beroNet Modular VoIP Gateways hold up to two modules. Fully expandable, the devices can be custom built for any potential need. Powered by beroNet OS you can add SIP-to-SIP licenses to turn your modular VoIP Gateway into a session border controller. With Apps you can transform a Modular VoIP Gateway into a Survival Branch Appliance or Mini-Appliance.


VoIP Gateways

GSM for Least Cost Routing, Mobility and Failover

beroNet GSM Gateways are the ultimate gateway solution to ensure that your phones function 24/7. Send calls to mobile numbers over GSM for Least Cost Routing. Add a GSM Gateway to your mobile unit or vehicle to call using GSM from anywhere with a GSM service. GSM Gateways combined with the beroNet SBA App can also function as an ultimate failover solution, ensuring that your company can send and receive calls, even if your local or hosted IP-PBX and SIP Provider goes offline.

Description NIC Model
2 GSM Modular VoIP Gateway 1 BF4002GSMBox
4 GSM Modular VoIP Gateway 1 BF4004GSMBox



Add a VoIP Gateway to your Server

Add PRI, BRI, FXS, FXO and GSM to your server or IP-PBX system using a beroNet PCIe VoIP Card. Recognized as a network network card, our PCIe Card requires no additional drivers and functions exactly like our other VoIP Gateways. Capable of holding up to two beroNet Modules and powered by beroNet OS, this form of VoIP Gateway technology can easily fit your customer’s needs.

PCIe VoIP Card
PCIe VoIP Card Modules